Polyphenol Data Acquisition-WCMC

October 17, 2022R&D Pilot

Polyphenol data acquisition by PFP – QExactive HF mass spectrometry West Coast Metabolomics Center Standard Operating Procedure | 04-04-2020 Issued: 07-26-2019; Valid from: 04-04-2020; This SOP supersedes: new Validity area: UC Davis Genome Center, Metabolomics Core and Research Laboratories Responsible: Arpana Vaniya; Secondary: Bryan Roberts; Approved: Oliver Fiehn 1. Instruments Thermo Scientific Q Exactive mass … Read More

Sample Homogenization, Extraction and Preparation-Reisdorph Lab

October 17, 2022R&D Pilot

Equipment, Consumables and Solvents Equipment TissueLyser LT (Qiagen; No. 85600) Micro-Centrifuge (capable of 18,000 g) Analytical Balance -20C Freezer and Refrigerator Nitrogen Drier: 48 position MultiVap Nitrogen Evaporator (Organomation; No. 11848) Positive Pressure Manifold (Biotage; Pressure+ 48) Consumables Dry Ice or Liquid Nitrogen Stainless Steel Beads 5mm (Qiagen; No. 69989) Bead Homogenization Tubes (2mL) (Qiagen; … Read More

LCMS Analysis-Reisdorph Lab

October 17, 2022R&D Pilot

Consumables Agilent Zorbax SB-Aq RRHT 2.1 x 100mm 1.8-Micron (P.N. 828700-914) Agilent InfinityLab Deactivator Additive (P.N. 5191-4506) Rather than a guard column we use an inline 0.3um Frit on our LC to prevent precipitate from hitting our analytical column. Each lab may already be using a different vender specific frit within their LC system but … Read More

R&D Pilot Summary

October 15, 2022R&D Pilot

Overview PTFI technology development was initiated in June 2021 with a series of pilot projects, organized into three parts with the following objectives: LANDSCAPE ANALYSIS Engage select analytical labs to profile a small set of representative foods using their existing methods. Assess best practice for classification of analytes. Assess the state of annotation tools. Understand … Read More